Street Wise

There is an art to being cunning, my friend. It takes study and observation, and a little wisdom doesn’t hurt. But wisdom doesn’t have to mean “book smart” – it is wise to know which streets to avoid, and it is wise to remember your way to avoid getting lost, and it is wise to avoid that grumpy cat on Flotsam Street. Wisdom is everywhere and we all have some, it’s what we do with it that is important.

A cunning mind is quick to slip through the cold grasp of trouble. A cunning mind can find an answer in a pinch, or ask a different question altogether. But cunning goes hand in hand with curiosity, and in my case, moments of poor self-control. What’s around that corner, or in that shadowy patch, or behind that gate? I’m sure I can get away, if trouble comes.

Sometimes I find nothing, sometimes I find wonderful things, and sometimes I find that grumpy cat from Flotsam Street, and my hat gets another rip or hole in the tussle.

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