Deep Cold

Gryphons have adapted to all sorts of climates, and one of the more recently discovered species is the Deep Snow Gryphon, a large and imposing kind that lives in the icy oceans of the north-west. They’re rarely seen on land and are often too heavy to walk on the ice sheets, so they drift with … Continue reading Deep Cold


I am not clumsy! It’s not my fault that these glass bottles are hard for my soft, smooth, lovely paws to grasp. I’m trying to be helpful and gather what I need but what else can I do? Okay, yes, I did spill that potion yesterday, also. And I dropped that basket of wimbleweed. And … Continue reading Clumsy


There are some very intimidating looking dragons on the sandy hills around here, but do not be too wary of them. Though wild, they’re often quiet and still, simply basking in the sunshine or tending their shifting nests. You may hear them sing along with the winds, too – a high, bird-like trill around the … Continue reading Deceptive


Sometimes a very rare thing happens, when a familiar is quite clearly intended for a purpose, and in the case of Tyler and Ted, that purpose is quite clear. Though presently still students of the night sky, it will be interesting to see what comes of their efforts when they are both fully trained. Tyler … Continue reading Stargazers

Summer Fashions

Wood drakes can be quite plain creatures, but it’s not unusual for them to search the abundant forest for what they deem as decorative additions, especially in the summer months. The males tend to favour bold colours and the females tend to prefer expanses of foliage. Berries, flowers, ferns, nuts, mushrooms… they’re all fair game … Continue reading Summer Fashions


My Joy and I, we’re daredevils. We put on shows all across the land, and complete in challenges for rewards. We’ve dodged around moody dragons, we’ve climbed (with my wings tied) up mountain faces, and we’ve dived to the bottoms of lakes and seas for treasure. Some might say it’s a waste of our magic … Continue reading Daredevils