Master Lowfang

A firm favourite with the students, Master Lowfang teaches a number of classes such as hunting and flying, but is especially popular because of her more recent class: wrestling. Although wrestling isn’t graded, it is still encouraged to students and often met with joyous applause, for all wild things enjoy a good tussle.

The matches are carefully watched and are commonly regarded as a game, mostly with the focus of pushing an opponent from the ring, or flipping them, or landing first contact. As much as we might like these students to leave for safe lives back in their natural homes, the wild is not always kind or fair, and these little games let them learn how to control themselves, and their apponent.

In her downtime Master Lowfang very much enjoys researching and growing wildflowers, often farming them for Master Greysted. Students sometimes bring her interesting seeds from their homelands, and these are grown in pots around the school.

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