Master Tundral

Master Tundral is a lithe, swift gryphon, able to perform and teach even the most difficult of manoeuvres. He’s also an exceptionally good fish catcher, sometimes diving so deeply into the lake that his white plumage disappears entirely from view.

As much as students like him they are sometimes lost in his lyrical speech and floating movements, finding it hard to follow. Thankfully Master Tundral is a patient sort and will do his best to explain his meaning. The wingless dragons find his teachings onto be especially helpful, however, as he tends to focus more on spirit and intention rather than physical instruction.

When not teaching, Master Tundral is to be found practicing various string and key instruments, which he plays with his long, delicate claws. His harp playing has eased many a nervous student before an exam, or has settled a homesick new arrival into sleep for their first night.

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