Master Greysted

Master Greysted teaches a number of the more academic classes such as medicine, but as a successful flyer himself, he also assists with flight classes and foraging classes. With many good years behind him at the school, he’s hoping to retire in a few winters, and has been training a few students to potentially take his place.

Overall he’s likely the more strict of the teaching staff, but even then it’s rare to hear him raise his voice. Students rarely cause much trouble anyway, and serious accidents tend to be met with concern rather than anger. The students are still fond of him anyway and like to gather seasonal fruits for him, especially in the autumn.

Surprisingly Master Greysted’s has an interesting passion for pranks, and will often play tricks on students and Masters alike. Sometimes he will even play pranks on any humans found wandering the mountains, sending their spooked cries echoing around the stone.

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