Master Blaze

Master Blaze is the youngest Master here at the school. She has a very creative and explorative mind, and enjoys crafting simple tools for the students, including goggles, prosthetics, braces for injured limbs, and so on. For most hours spent out of classes, she can be found working away in her workshop, aglow in the light of the raging forge.

Typically she helps in teaching both nest-building and foraging classes, as they were her two main interests. She gets along well with students and runs a weekend club, Blaze’s Tinkerers, where students may join her in her workshop and experiment with their own creative ideas. For years, Master Blaze has suggested a specific crafting course for the students, and after a few years of her weekend club, the other Masters and I are beginning to see the benefit of it.

Students should be aware that Master Blaze can have difficulty hearing in windy weather or noisy places, as the years of hammering metal has left her hearing a little dulled.

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