Kitty gryphons adapted to thrive around human settlements, mimicking their tame animals. Though they may look small and cuddly, kitty gryphons retain the wild, proud nature of all gryphons, and will not hesitate to join in a fight.

Bran is perhaps the wildest student we’ve ever had, with moods varying in the blink of an eye. Students quickly learned to keep comments such as “cute” to themselves, or they’d find themselves with a swift line of scratches. Bran has a tendency to be a bit of a lone wolf, lurking to the sides of a class or practicing by himself, although he’s made a few friends with Kira, Alder, Rhoam, and even little Rocket.

Typically Bran does well in classes through sheer determination, as he refuses to fail. Some might consider this admirable, but we worry he overworks himself out of fear. Provided he can balance himself, he will do well.

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