Hooper, much like Pumpkin, joined the school to improve his travel and cartography skills, but found his focus attracted not to the larger picture, but to the smaller moments in a landscape. Rather than mapping the larger world as a whole, he has found a passion for documenting the interesting waterfalls or caves or ruins, or anything else that catches his eye.

Even though many of the students see these sights for themselves, they often end up reading about them in Hooper’s journals afterwards, reliving it. Some of the local sights, which the Masters will have seen countless times, have had new secrets revealed about them, new observances or meanings.

Although Hooper’s journals are immensely interesting and beautiful, he does have a tendency to get lost in his scrawlings and will awaken from his moment of focus to find himself drenched in rain, or sat alone in the evening light, or with just one student waiting to accompany him back to school.

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