Some students can only attend classes at certain times of the year, for a multitude of reasons, and one such student is Fylkir, an ice dragon from the deepest snows of the north. He can only attend classes in the winter months, or his icy armour will melt away and take an age to regrow.

The ice helps lock in his own warmth beneath his scales, but it does make him a clumsy flyer. Ice dragons don’t fly much for most of the year and there is little need for tricks or fancy skill, but they often make great migrations along with their main food – reindeer. It’s not uncommon for young ice dragons to struggle with their early flight. To carry themselves, and all that ice, on their youthful wings must be quite the task.

The other students are always delighted to see Fylkir return, and a feast is held out under the stars in the cold of night in celebration. He teaches them songs and animal calls, and the mountains echo with all sorts of strange noises.

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