In contrast to Rocket, Pablo does not want to be at the school. Although his flying is perfectly acceptable, he was sent here by his parents as his skills failed to develop to their liking, and as he is the oldest student here, he feels self-conscious and awkward.

We try to be sympathetic to his discomfort, but he must attend his classes if he is to do well. Often he sits at the sidelines and watches, or he wanders away altogether. It is frustrating, as a teacher, to see a student so uninvolved in a task that could benefit them greatly, but we have better ways of dealing with students such as these than to shout and punish.

In the past weeks, and after the suggestions of several teachers, Pablo has found great company and a little more enthusiasm by practicing with other older students like Frida. With so much in common they seem to find an ease to practice in the other’s company. Little by little Pablo improves, both is skill and involvement.

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