Winston is one of those students that looks utterly innocent, isn’t he? A quiet student who works hard and does his best and achieves competently… Until we come to the hunting classes.

I have never had a student with a higher success rate than little Winston. His camouflage seem perfect for most kinds of grasses, and his huge eyes and ears help him detect all sorts of prey. He has even caught several Rockmoles, which burrow so deeply that even adult dragons cannot hear them. But he hears them, and he digs them out, and the other students gawk and grimace at the rocky little lump in his gentle claws before it is released again (they’re not good for eating.)

While he’s more than capable of providing for himself and others, he is still a little timid in flight. Unusually for a wyvern he seems much more comfortable in the grass than above it. Perhaps the wind in all those frills makes him feel unstable.

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