Heidi is probably the calmest student we’ve ever had. She takes all challenges without blinking, and if unsuccessful, simply nods and listens as her efforts are assessed. She came off a little cool to the other students, too, until The Campfire Incident.

In the warm summer evenings the students often sit themselves around a campfire and tell all sorts of stories, but they ultimately become more and more spooky as the night progresses. During one especially chilling (and overacted) tale from Duke, the campfire suddenly began to splutter and grow, rising like a monster, hurling out threats and curses in a horrible, crackling voice.

While all the students (and admittedly some of the Masters) panicked, Heidi recognised the mischief of a wisp and calmly flicked a clump of soggy mud into the wisp’s face. With a puff of smoke the disguise was ruined, and the wisp fled, wailing, his fun ended, leaving Heidi as the coolest student ever.

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