A few years older than little Tao, Azura has long master the art of her flight, rising cheerily into the sky (although sometimes she still paddles her legs as if running, but that’ll stop, in time.) Now the second battle begins - control. Presently the wind still pulls her this way and that, and if … Continue reading Azura


Milton is an observant gatherer. Even on standard flying classes he’ll take a backpack to fill with his findings, and a number of boxes and bags of things already stand neatly packed around his nest. His mother is the healer of his grassland flock, and he has picked up many good habits from her. The … Continue reading Milton


As the world has been shaped and tamed by the human-folk, some creatures have adapted to mimic it, such as the gargoyle-like city dragons, and the farmhouse gryphons. This particular sort of gryphon have adopted the name of “ gryphen”, largely for the pun. Rhode is a prankster, through and through, and will take on … Continue reading Rhode


Another rare visitor! Itzel is a beautiful feathered serpent from the deep, lush jungles over the western sea. To watch her fly is like watching a gentle brook tumble down a rocky foothill, so soft and peaceful, but you know it will grow into a roaring river one day. Itzel, like Amber before, wishes to … Continue reading Itzel


Rhoam is an excellent flier and student overall, excelling in many of his classes. Only one aspect holds him back, and we must accept that, perhaps, it always will. When he was first learning to fly with his family in the southern foothills, a great storm tumbled down over the mountainside and swamped them all, … Continue reading Rhoam


Nimble is, well... nimble. She can zip through the jungle trees to gather fruits and seeds like an arrow, trailing sparkles of colour from her feathers as she goes. She was perhaps a little sure of herself when she first came here, but the high winter winds soon knocked her confidence. Sometimes a quick knock … Continue reading Nimble


City dragons are unusual creatures, no? They live on the rooftops and in the narrow streets of the human folk, where their fine limbs and compact bodies can dodge and weave as needed. Many look like domestic animals, commonly guarding hounds. They are fierce looking things, even as hatchlings, and it took Alder a while … Continue reading Alder


Amber is a lithe creature from the warm sands east of here. Typically these gryphons need no help with flying, but that is not why she is here. Amber wishes to be an explorer. It is no use to master only the warm winds of the desert if she wishes to travel the world. She … Continue reading Amber


It is not unusual for our younger students to seek comforts. They come from nests of warm limbs and familiar company to a high, wind-blown school of strangers. If a bundle of cloth or wool makes them feel better, let them bring it. From his first moments here, Pip was nervous and kept to himself, … Continue reading Pip


Petta is an expressive thing. While these emotions are obviously shown in the lift and fall of her spines, or the flushes of colour to her scales, or the arch and droop of her long neck, it is also expressed in joyous soaring loops, or in a thunderous surge of purposeful flight. And when I … Continue reading Petta