Rowan has generally good skills in nearly all classes, but excels in one particular skill. This is, however, also his biggest failing. Rowan can smell almost anything from a great distance and with great accuracy, making him an excellent hunter and forager. Unfortunately he is also swayed by the scent of anything remotely edible, made somewhat worse by his unending appetite.

Keeping him focussed in class can be hard, and it’s not uncommon for him to drift away towards something smelly, even if it’s not ideal for eating. Flying in particular can leave him very distracted, as all the high winds carry smells from far and wide; human cooking smells, a successful hunt over the mountains, ripe fruits, musky mushrooms…

The poor thing is almost delusional some days. He’s even tried bunging up his nostril with moss or cloth, but smells still find a way to haunt him.

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