Similarly to Shorekites, Swampers like Myre are not capable of true flight. Teaching them, however, is much harder, for they are larger than their ocean cousins, and come from a land of calmer winds and fewer launching sites. Generally, Swampers don’t fly at all, they leap and maintain a short glide down onto their dinner, but Myre wanted to see how far he could go.

Learning and practice doesn’t always have to have an end goal. Many of the students here hope to protect their families and homes, or wish to be a more cunning hunter in their changeable homelands. Myre has no end goal for his learning, other than to see if he can. In many respects, it is fun to teach him and feel his growing elation at each success. Who knows how far he’ll go, and what he’ll make of his hard-earned skills, if anything?

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