Jasper has terrible eyesight, so must always fly wearing special goggles. Plenty of youngsters do wear goggles, to begin with, made by our very own Master Blaze, a dragon with nimble hands and a patience perfect for crafting.

Naturally his visual impairment makes Jasper nervous, especially during landing practice, or hunting classes. Once he knows his surroundings, however, he’s quite confident to fly and twist and dive, trusting in his classmates and Masters to warn of any impending accidents. So far, we’ve had none.

He is remarkably adept at navigation, however. He has learned to memorise all sorts of features that others might ignore, such as angle, variations in height, patches of colour. Unable to see the unusual landmark clearly, Jasper instead memorises the curves of the mountains or a patch of heather on a hillside, and it serves him just as well.

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