Claude. What to make of Claude. I have never known a more disaster-prone dragon in all my days. And it’s true that none of it is his fault – things just seem to happen around him, no matter how careful he is. He has never successfully hunted, rarely manages a decent landing, and always has his nest-building efforts collapse around him.

As an infant he fared well and grew as a hatchling should, but a year or so ago he caught a strange creature in the woods while practicing his hunting. Many suspect that this creature – whatever it may have been – cursed Claude in revenge, leaving him haunted by… incidents.

Thankfully none of these incidents have been serious in nature, so we suspect this mysterious cursing creature to have been a weak one, and that the curse will wear off one day soon. For now we have encouraged him to stay at the school where he is safest, and to wait for the curse to pass. He is more than happy to oblige.

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