An endless source of energy and enthusiasm, we have no trouble motivating Alika to participate in classes. She is a wonderful flier with a natural ease in the air, soaring steadily and neatly for hours at a time. She is friends with almost everyone, often leading the way and encouraging her fellows to join her.

There is little criticism to be made of any of her efforts, but perhaps she could do to step out of her comfort zone from time to time. As a pegusi of the great herds of the even greater plains, she can be a little uneasy when left to her own devices, as she is accustomed always to company and guidance. She also has an apparent discomfort with rain and cold but I suppose that is to be expected.

She is due to finish school in the coming year and many of the students will miss her. Maybe she will join Frida and stay on a little while to help with classes.

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