As the world has been shaped and tamed by the human-folk, some creatures have adapted to mimic it, such as the gargoyle-like city dragons, and the farmhouse gryphons. This particular sort of gryphon have adopted the name of “ gryphen”, largely for the pun.

Rhode is a prankster, through and through, and will take on nearly any dare proposed to him. Dive in the icy lake? He’ll do it. Touch that moody, half-asleep bear? He’ll do it. Tease the nearby wolf pack? Yes, he’ll do that, too. It can be a nightmare trying to teach him, but it seems to be who he is – recklessly brave, to the point of oblivious.

Thankfully the other students have begun to realise the danger he puts himself in, and now encourage dares and tricks that are more in line with the classes, such as difficult manoeuvres and tricky foraging finds. We’re hoping that he settles down before he’s fully grown, or he’ll get himself into more trouble than he can handle.

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