Another rare visitor! Itzel is a beautiful feathered serpent from the deep, lush jungles over the western sea. To watch her fly is like watching a gentle brook tumble down a rocky foothill, so soft and peaceful, but you know it will grow into a roaring river one day.

Itzel, like Amber before, wishes to be a traveller. Large parts of her jungle home are unknown (to her kind, at least, who knows what may live there) but with rumours of all sorts of treasure and curiosities to be found, the temptation pulls many young wanderers far from home and deep into the trees.

Sensibly, Itzel wishes to prepare for any such adventure and even, I believe, to encourage a friend along, too. A few students, Amber included, have shared in the wonder-filled chatter of what may or may not hide in those tall, vine-heavy trees.

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