Nimble is, well… nimble. She can zip through the jungle trees to gather fruits and seeds like an arrow, trailing sparkles of colour from her feathers as she goes. She was perhaps a little sure of herself when she first came here, but the high winter winds soon knocked her confidence.

Sometimes a quick knock to the spirits can be good for a youngster, teaching them a lesson before they hurt themselves, or another. But Nimble’s fall in confidence was quite a big one, and it took a lot to get her to try again, despite the efforts of her peers and teachers.

Her enthusiasm grows a little more with each class, and I believe she will get to be a wonderful flier, with a little more effort and time. With technical flying pushed to the side at first, she was able to practice more on the other skills the school teaches, and quickly mastered the art of skimming over the lake to catch fish. This, too, has boosted her, and she even dared a fishing flight in the rains not two days past.

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