City dragons are unusual creatures, no? They live on the rooftops and in the narrow streets of the human folk, where their fine limbs and compact bodies can dodge and weave as needed. Many look like domestic animals, commonly guarding hounds. They are fierce looking things, even as hatchlings, and it took Alder a while to find friends here. He has some, now, but he tends to favour small groups of close friends over a great crowd.

Like many city dragons Alder has an aptitude for foraging and hunting, and his quick, sharp bursts of flight have excellent form. He does, however, lack the idea of storing food and resources. This must be quite an alien concept in the city, where so many hungry mouths snatch for any unattended morsel – better to eat now than not at all.

His early efforts were… not overly considered, and his stores were quickly discovered by his peers. But there was such a look of wonder on his sharp face when he successfully hid a stinky fish where none of his class could find it… Now he hides all sorts of things out of the sheer joy of it.

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