It is not unusual for our younger students to seek comforts. They come from nests of warm limbs and familiar company to a high, wind-blown school of strangers. If a bundle of cloth or wool makes them feel better, let them bring it.

From his first moments here, Pip was nervous and kept to himself, and clung to Red with such a tight grip. He always flew low and slow, with no ambition to try even the simplest manoeuvres. But it is amazing how quickly a mind changes. A sharp wind took Red clean from Pip’s claws and sent him tumbling down to the lake. Without a thought Pip dived, dodging and barrelling past his peers, to snatch his friend from a soggy splash.

Needless to say, the class and masters alike were delighted, and Pip found a little confidence to be himself. He dares a few tricks and spins, and plays with his growing friendship group.

His work done, Red now watches from the sidelines, safe and dry.

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