Petta is an expressive thing. While these emotions are obviously shown in the lift and fall of her spines, or the flushes of colour to her scales, or the arch and droop of her long neck, it is also expressed in joyous soaring loops, or in a thunderous surge of purposeful flight. And when I say thunderous, I mean thunderous.

Some wyverns, like Petta’s kin, do not breathe fire. Instead they are able to manipulate the winds and rains around them, summoning cheery blue skies or suffocating tempests. While young, this ability is often involuntary, purely an expression of their mood, but it is no less dangerous for it.

Thankfully, as quickly as her storms roll in, a good joke or a moment of kindness will blow it away, leaving clear skies and prickling sunshine. Petta, too, is becoming more aware of her feelings, and tries her best to not let the storms set in.

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