From the quiet woodlands of the south comes our gentlest student. Casper flies, hunts, stalks, and even speaks, with barely a sound. The animals of his near-silent home can hear their hunters’ every step, so from the youngest ages these hunters must accept a life of simple, careful quiet.

Casper seems quite at ease with any task asked of him, even though his results are of mixed success. He can handle teamwork without compliant, although his peers sometimes cannot read between the lines. A head nod, the flick of a paw, the sweep of a wing; these may be the only forms of instruction given, but they are enough, if you think on the task.

As the other students learn to listen, Casper too learns to speak. It seems almost a betrayal of his nature, and at first his few words left him embarrassed and clumsy, but he is beginning to see the joy in a little chatter between friends.

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