We may as well also speak on Duke’s best friend, and frequent accomplice in the “sun-dazzled” routine, Pan. Many friendships arise when soaring through the air together, but Duke and Pan seem to have a very strong bond, founded mostly in mischief.

Pan, thankfully, is the calmer of the two, and because of his multiple wings, he needs to focus more in classes. His additional limbs give him excellent control during flips and spins, and in take-off and landing, but the rhythm required for steady flight presently still eludes him, so long-distance or speed racing are not his forte.

Teaching Pan is always a joy, especially given his contagious laughter, which often leaves the whole class in giggles and good moods. Only once have his and Duke’s antics been a true distraction, and that was when they tried to “fly south” with a flock of wild geese but found themselves furious driven away by the birds. Geese will take on anything to protect their young, even cheeky dragons and pegusi.

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