There is always a goofball in every year group, and I am always relieved when it is not a fiery dragon pup. An over-eager pegusi is much easier to deal with that an accidental inferno.

Duke is, at least, actually funny, and quite charming. It’s clear from our adult perspectives that he feels easier in classes if attention is not on his flight, but his skill is actually adept and sustainable, with good control and pace. With time he’ll gain the confidence required to step up his efforts.

For now we shall still laugh at his jests and observations, at his “wobbly wings” and his “sun-dazzled” mischief, all harmless. If anything, his antics bolster the less confident students, encouraging them to play in the wind rather than fight it. It’s how many hatchlings and foals would learn, traditionally, and is highly encouraged here at the school.

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