It is hard to train the wingless dragons from the distant lands of lush mountain jungles, for their mastery of flight lies not in physical ability, but in a mental one. They fly by channeling their own energies to push themselves through the air, but it is an impossible method to describe, and everyone’s take on it differs. How each flies is their own, and it can take years to even get these hatchlings off the ground.

Little Tao still has no idea. His feet have never left land. The only way in which we can teach him is by encouraging thought; what is flight, to him? Perhaps he is simply too young to know. When he does finally find his skill, it may take him years to perfect it.

While he is here he can still learn by watching, and listening in classes. He trains his body through swimming, which he imagines to be a similar sensation to flying. His understanding of weather and wind are all perfectly thorough, but we shall have to wait a while longer to see how well he performs in the air.

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