While most pegusi are often natural in colours, sticking to hues of browns and greys, the Meadow Pixie pegusi are a small, compact, colourful sort with dappled markings and colour-swirled pelts to help them blend into the tall grasses and flowers of their meadow homes. They’re mostly sprinters but when they do fly, they take off like rockets across the tops of the grass and disappear from view.

So what Cheery gains in speed and control she lacks in endurance. She can win most races without issue, provided it is only over a hundred tail lengths or so. There have been a few occasions that a Master or one of her fellow students has had to dive and catch her before she plunges exhausted into the lake. She is finally learning to pace herself and not let her giddiness launch her into danger, but I suspect we may still have a while to go before she is truly in control.

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