Breeze, Gale and Twister

It can be hard work teaching hydras. You have three heads not paying attention instead of just one.

As is no doubt essential for their kind, hydras are adept at teamwork and flow in and out of tasks efficiently, doing what is needed of them without complaint or ego. Breeze, Gale and Twister are no exception, making short work of many of the tasks required of them. It’s a joy to watch them forage or build nests in their wilderness classes, and they keep themselves and each other clean without any notion of bickering.

As to be expected of such small wings, however, hydras cannot fly well. It is not expected of them, but some come to the school to do their best. Once the basics are learned, tricks are rarely attempted and even more rarely successful. Many of the hunting or fighting manoeuvres are simply not possible for them. Thankfully hydras are typically peaceful with one another, so this does not hinder them in the slightest.

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