Young Wish is a delightful student, for the most part. Her abilities are advanced for her age, and her boldness rivals that of even the Masters. She has only one mark against her at present, and that is her constant singing.

It’s a deep, throaty song of hums and chirps, and is pleasant enough to hear, but it seems to have some effect on the local bird life. Classes quickly become swamped in excitable birds of all sizes, and these birds gather in the feathers of the gryphon students or the manes of the pegusi. Some of the students are too easily distracted, and having a sparrow lodged in one’s hair may, to some, be considered distracting.

As quickly as they come, the birds leave when the song stops. We’ve never seen a skill like it before but that is the charm of the job – every year the student surprise us with new tricks and abilities.

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