Barley is an eager pup, full of spirit and ambition. He has a tendency to fly too high, however, so has been made to wear a little protective attire to keep the chill air from peeling his baby scales. At first this was seen as a point of jest by his peers, but he wears it with such panache that others have started to grow envious, and tempt themselves higher with each flight, hoping to earn some accessories of their own.

Speckled lowland dragons often make well-rounded fliers and Barley certainly fits that mould. His smaller infant wings seem to grant him sharp bursts of speed rather than a steady course, but if anything he enjoys the ups and downs and can work around it when needed.

One observation, however… Barley is a bit of a class clown. It is a good thing indeed that the Masters take the students classes out over the lakes, for Barley has more than once attempted some risky trick or goof. He learned his lesson, it seems, when he launched himself into the freezing lake only to come out covered in green slime that left him stinky and itchy for days.

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