Echo and Chime

Hydras and dragons were once more closely related, and sometimes a little hydra blood reappears in dragons. Echo and Chime are of a small, bat-like sort that typically hunt at night, and when it comes to night vision, two sets of eager eyes will always work better than one. The only real issue they have … Continue reading Echo and Chime


Rowan has generally good skills in nearly all classes, but excels in one particular skill. This is, however, also his biggest failing. Rowan can smell almost anything from a great distance and with great accuracy, making him an excellent hunter and forager. Unfortunately he is also swayed by the scent of anything remotely edible, made … Continue reading Rowan


A very rare visitor indeed! Soll is our first phoenix at the school and, given their rarity, probably the last. At first the students were shy and afraid to approach Soll’s fiery feathers and tail, but a few games of chase soon sorted out any awkward feelings. Soll still tends to practice alone, however, due … Continue reading Soll


Similarly to Shorekites, Swampers like Myre are not capable of true flight. Teaching them, however, is much harder, for they are larger than their ocean cousins, and come from a land of calmer winds and fewer launching sites. Generally, Swampers don’t fly at all, they leap and maintain a short glide down onto their dinner, … Continue reading Myre


Jasper has terrible eyesight, so must always fly wearing special goggles. Plenty of youngsters do wear goggles, to begin with, made by our very own Master Blaze, a dragon with nimble hands and a patience perfect for crafting. Naturally his visual impairment makes Jasper nervous, especially during landing practice, or hunting classes. Once he knows … Continue reading Jasper


Rocko is an absolute cutie, isn’t he? Hard to believe he will one day be a ferocious hunter, large enough to hunt elephants and rhinos. For now, he is clearly a baby. He’s one of the youngest students but is delighted to join in and fly. Because of his youth, we don’t encourage too tricky … Continue reading Rocko


Shorekites like Tidetail do not so much fly, but rather glide. They have little power to flap their wide, kite-like wings and instead cruise over ocean winds like gulls, effortless, sailing for hours in their hunt for fish. But the ocean can be a fierce place and we see many youngsters coming here to learn … Continue reading Tidetail


Claude. What to make of Claude. I have never known a more disaster-prone dragon in all my days. And it’s true that none of it is his fault - things just seem to happen around him, no matter how careful he is. He has never successfully hunted, rarely manages a decent landing, and always has … Continue reading Claude


Ruby is an elegant creature, of a ruling bloodline in her homeland mountains. You may think, to look at her, that she would be a lofty sort but, despite her jewels and adornments, she is nearly always the first to dive headlong into the mud. Her parents expect a clean and tidy heir but here, … Continue reading Ruby


An endless source of energy and enthusiasm, we have no trouble motivating Alika to participate in classes. She is a wonderful flier with a natural ease in the air, soaring steadily and neatly for hours at a time. She is friends with almost everyone, often leading the way and encouraging her fellows to join her. … Continue reading Alika