2020 -Changin’ It Up

Happy New Year, everyone! As you’ve probably noticed, there will be no daily art or stories this year; after two years, I need a break, and with so many large projects on the horizon, I need the time to catch up!

So what’s going on in 2020? Cover Ideas New Logo

  • First of all, finish Silver Jill. Poor Lettice is almost there, but as things got delayed and I changed plans for the larger scope of the project (cutting the intended two books down to one complete, satisfying volume,) we didn’t make the intended autumn deadlines. As Kickstarters are notoriously hard to run from about November – March, we shall wait for the spring/summer.
  • Caimwind 2019 book, assembled and printed. These will be very costly to print, and so will require a small Kickstarter just to get a few copies out. This will probably happen in February (didn’t I just say that Kickstarters don’t do well in winter? Well, it’s only little, it should be fine).
  • Portfolio. While Silver Jill will make a decent portfolio on its own, I could do with some work that is more relevant to my present preferences and philosophies.
  • Dragon paintings. These will be big, expressive, personal things done in acrylics. I’ll probably only get two or three done a year, but I’m really going to push myself with them.
  • Short stories. Presently I’m hoping to write a 3000-5000 word story every month. As I typically write about 500 words in a short sitting, this should be achievable, but I’m not going to be super strict about it. If it hinders me, it’ll be paused.
  • Exercise. Not overly exciting, but important. I want to build a healthy life that’s easy and welcoming to maintain, and I’ve done a little something each year, getting better at self-discipline, eating habits, awareness, etc.

Opia Concept 1

I’ll try to update this blog whenever something worthwhile comes up, but I can’t make promises regarding frequency. This year might not be the bang-and-lights sort of year to be shared in the Internet, but it’ll be a worthwhile investment for future me. Hopefully.

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