Bubbling Broth

This? I’m making a Golden Meadow Broth. It’s mostly used in baths and soaks, for easing tired joints and weary eyes. It’s also highly recommended for soothing chicken pox, insect bites, nettle rashes, that sort of thing.

It’s an easy thing to make and can even be done by those without magic, as only one ingredient needs any magic craft upon it, and that is done before it is ever sold. Wild grasses, Mildweed, Perral’s Cup, Cherished Catterdrop Nectar, vanilla bean, perhaps some mint, if desired. But you must make sure the Perral’s Cup is treated, not wild, or you might come out itchier than when you went in.

I know it looks delicious, but I wouldn’t recommend drinking it, it doesn’t do much and tastes… unusual…

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