Quiet Friends

Hi, I’m Pogo, and this is my buddy, Max! Well, that’s not his name, he didn’t have a name, so I call him Max, and he seems okay with that. He’s not a real wolf, you know, not the regular sort; he’s a spirit of the woodlands around here. He doesn’t talk or really play, … Continue reading Quiet Friends

Autumn Races

When the autumn winds blow and the trees and bushes drop their final bounty, the gathering mages take to the skies and spread far and wide in their hunt. It’s a time of cheer and anticipation, with all ordering what will be found, gathered, and stored. I like to race along below them, keeping pace … Continue reading Autumn Races

Winter Blues

A dragon pup is especially susceptible to seasonal illnesses in its first winter. While they don’t feel the cold as others might, it can still sap their strength and slow their bodies, which is why many pups wear adorable knitted garments when playing outdoors for their first few winters. If a pup gets sick, just … Continue reading Winter Blues


Tallwood is a strange place, and exactly as you would think, everything is really big. After a few minutes of walking, you’ll find yourself strolling into the roots and under the ferns. Only the grass remains as it should - if not, I’d think we were shrinking, rather than the forest growing. Being this small … Continue reading Tallwood

What Goes Up

I’ve never tried gliding before... but I guess now I might have to... I wanted to see what it was like this high up, but did not think about coming down again. There are some bushes down there, at least, and the grass is long. Even if I plummet like a stone, I should be … Continue reading What Goes Up

Soft Touch

I gotta be real careful, you know. Some of these bottles are older than I am, I don’t wanna break them with my great big claws. That won’t do. And some folks ask for the same bottle back each time, then they know they’re looked after and listened to. They’re like old friends, coming back … Continue reading Soft Touch

Just A Blink

Whole lands come and go, but Time remembers. Look into her vastness and you might see what has been, or what is yet to come. Who knows what you may see? Only Time, but she says nothing. For those lucky enough to see this colossal spirit, it is a moment to never be forgotten. But … Continue reading Just A Blink

Holiday Home

In glowing winds we travel, over sand and dune and the bare bones of the earth, but the warmth of the sun seeps beneath my scales and deep into my wings, and I feel more alive in this empty place than I have anywhere else. The weight of my limbs falls away to leave my … Continue reading Holiday Home

Room To Grow

Although it may look ominous, the spirit of Hollowood is a gentle, lofty thing, prancing on high steps and echoing with distant songs. It’s core appears completely hollow, with only a shell of bark and moss to cover its essence. Old stories speak of a similar spirit here, but it looked like a wolf, with … Continue reading Room To Grow