Tip Top

Oh yes, darling, it’s true, I am the fastest around. But that doesn’t mean I’m forever running and training my limbs, does it? We should all take a quiet moment for some stillness and treats, whatever that means to each of us. A sweet snack, a bright cup of tea, and a comfortable place to … Continue reading Tip Top

Pass The Time

We’ve got a long journey ahead, so let me read to you. “The ocean almost churned the selkie ship clean over, the waves thundering against the creaking planks. Heart thumping, I scurried into the darkest nook behind the captain’s bed and nestled myself in, whiskers quivering. How I wished I’d never stowed away on this … Continue reading Pass The Time

Wishing Well

This wishing well is a little bit different. It doesn’t grant wishes in exchange for coins, instead preferring a friendly pat and a quick snack. Some magical creatures control an old, deeper magic that mages can never tap into, regardless of skill. It is often called “luck” or “chance” and cannot be manipulated by the … Continue reading Wishing Well

Blue Bird

Everyone asks me if my coat is dyed, and no, it isn’t. I’m just naturally fabulous. I’m a gryphon of the summer skies, bright blue and full of sunshine. Most gryphons are earthy colours or very plain, perhaps with hints of red or gold. But like other birds we can sometimes have a little sparkle, … Continue reading Blue Bird

Good Pay

Get on, sit down and hold on tight. Hey, I ain’t no mage-bound familiar, but carrying these magical folk to and from their work sure pays well. I’m a dragon, what would I be doing if not for this work? I’d be flying around, enjoying myself, so I may as well do it with company … Continue reading Good Pay

Follow Me

Follow me. The Wilding Forest is a large place, but with the deep fogs and wandering paths, it is all too easy to get lost. Some wish only to pass through the mists, while others choose to stay a while, and find the answers to their own private questions. The trained mage may ask questions … Continue reading Follow Me

Long Walks

It’s real easy to get lost when you’re young, ruff. That’s why most of you have good eyes and ears, to help you find your way, unlike us old ‘uns, although my snout has always made up for my sight anyway. And I don’t mean “lost” as in astray in the wilderness, I mean in … Continue reading Long Walks

All Swept Up

No. No! Go around! I’ve just swept this bit! You watched me finish this patch of dust and now you wanna drag your filthy boots all over it? No. Go around the back or I’ll bite your knees. It’s autumn, and the paths are full of pretty leaves and shiny nuts... and dirt. Mush. Rotting … Continue reading All Swept Up