Pass The Time

We’ve got a long journey ahead, so let me read to you.

“The ocean almost churned the selkie ship clean over, the waves thundering against the creaking planks. Heart thumping, I scurried into the darkest nook behind the captain’s bed and nestled myself in, whiskers quivering. How I wished I’d never stowed away on this ship! How I wished I was back home in the drystone walls of the uplands, listening to the goats and skylarks!

But I had to find thieves. I had to head west, into the knots of islands and rocky spires, then deep into the caves and past the rumbling heart of fire at the centre of Mount Arrona. There… I couldn’t even think about it.

With nothing else to do in this storm, I curled myself up tight and waited for the seas and my stomach to settle.”

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