Long Walks

It’s real easy to get lost when you’re young, ruff. That’s why most of you have good eyes and ears, to help you find your way, unlike us old ‘uns, although my snout has always made up for my sight anyway. And I don’t mean “lost” as in astray in the wilderness, I mean in you’re heart and all that.

Most folks act like they know where they’re going in life by the time they’re twenty, and some folks do know, ruff. Many don’t. Many won’t find their way until they’re in their thirties, or forties, or even fifties. And their ain’t no map nor compass that’ll guide you, only you’re own intuition. Sometimes folks follow the wrong path, but the walk back to the start ain’t so bad if you take the time to admire the views, ruff. Then you can choose again, and start a new walk. Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed about it, you’ve explored more and seen more sights! Walkies are the best!

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