Frost Wrens

While some birds fly away from winter, others fly towards it, staying on its crisp borders for as long as they can. These frost wrens are tiny things, barely larger than a chicken’s egg, and fast as lighting. They feed in groups along the snowline, picking at the remnants of grass and any bugs that … Continue reading Frost Wrens


Oh, don’t mind him, that’s just Franklin. He’s the spirit here, and one of the most simple and quiet I’ve ever met. Sometimes folks get scared of him, thinking he’s a ghost, but he ain’t, he’s just Franklin, and he won’t hurt a fly. He lives around here, singing softly with the birds and playing … Continue reading Franklin


There was a big storm the other night. I only hatched in the spring, and I’d never heard a storm before. It was like a big dragon crashing rocks down on the world. I wasn’t scared though. Not much. But look, it knocked all the apples from the trees! Some of them are okay to … Continue reading Windfall

Fade To Grey

While dragon pups are commonly bright and colourful, the tones of adult dragon scales tend to mellow out into earthier variants, shifting to browns and greys and muddy greens. They’re the opposite of many animals, who tend to favour drab, elusive offspring and gaudier adults. Muted tones on adults makes sense; they’re hunters, and bold … Continue reading Fade To Grey

Sea Kelpies

Did you know there are sea kelpies, too? They’re actually quite common but you might never see one. They sort of melt into the waves, disappearing into the churning sea, but sometimes they crest above the surface to play and sing with travellers. Yes, sing. You’re far more likely to hear a sea-kelpie than glance … Continue reading Sea Kelpies


Every time I forget my hat... it rains. Of course it does. Without fail. People say that jinxes don’t exist, that it’s all in your head and you’re just being silly, but the consistency of my issue is hard to ignore. Even other people have noticed it; only a few weeks past someone saw me … Continue reading Jinx