When magic rises into a physical form, it doesn’t always take the more commonly seen human-like form. For whatever reason it may choose a cute and friendly form, like this rock dog example. Naturally, the villagers nearby have called him Rog. These stony beings rarely take the shape of wild animals, instead favouring the more … Continue reading Rog

Not For Everyone

The isles around the southern coast form a maze of rocky islands and grassy obstacles. From above, the ocean loops in whirling patterns and churning rivers, tossed by strong winds and torn by spikes of enduring stone. It’s hard to imagine that things live in there. My wings send me soaring high above it, detached … Continue reading Not For Everyone

Next Steps

Familiars graduate too, you know! Look, I got to wear the robe and everything! I know, it’s not for everyone, and not everyone wants or needs the more formal, strict education the schools and colleges offer. But we - my mage and I - wanted to practice magical medicines and remedies with confidence, so it … Continue reading Next Steps

Bank Otter

Bank otters are actually very common in number, but you may go your whole life never seeing one, even if you walk a river path every day. They mostly hunt at dawn and dusk, when the light does strange things and the old magic of the world comes into play. During the day they hide … Continue reading Bank Otter


We dragons are very clean creatures, don’t you know. Some pups hate bath-time, but I love it! Gimme the soothing salts and healing herbs and whatever else you can think of! Soapcap mushrooms for cleaning, earth melon for aroma, red bitterberries to keep away mites... bring it all on! I come out of it feeling … Continue reading Pampered