Joke’s On You

Sometimes strangers yell at me, tell me to leave this lady alone, I am a bad dog! I’m all big and hairy and… yes, a little slobbery, but I can’t help that, I get hot, my tongue goes flop. But the likes of me should never approach the tidy, elegant sort of witch such as Edith, no no, I’ll mess up her hair and clothes…

But the joke is on us! This magnificent witch is MY witch, and I am her mighty defender. It is I that scents the ingredients or potions, it is I that chases away the bandits, and it is I that finds safe paths through strange terrains. I am not a bad dog, I am a good dog, the perfect one for Edith!

And yes, she loves my stray hairs. Says no cup of tea is the same without at least one in it.

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