Do you see things moving out the corner of your eye? Do you hear movements, the clink of cutlery, the rustle of fabrics? Do small morsels of food disappear, or do trails of crumbs lead into safe corners? If so, you might have Shywyrms.

These tiny dragons live in small groups and tend to forage from existing food stores rather than hunt for themselves. Because they’re always on the lookout for returning owners of said stash, they are fretful, timid little things that take flight at the earliest sign of danger. Their flexible bodies can hide under furniture, between books, down drains, even in inkwells.

With patience and offerings of food, Shywyrms can be encouraged to reveal themselves, but they never stay long. If you wish to discourage them, hang strings of bells around the pantry. Unable to pilfer their meals in silence, the wyrms will move on.

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