Prickly Situation

I can’t help it. No matter how hard I try things around me just… get in the way. I’ve gotten my horn stuck in a fence, in tree bark, in hay bales, in a cauldron, in one dwarf’s especially dense beard, in ice, in a drystone wall… and I’ve popped many a balloon or punctured many a gourd, marrow, pumpkin…

I forget I’ve got a horn. Or more, I forget how long and pointy it is, and how far it sticks off my head. You try it, glue a stick to your forehead and see how you do. And people chuckle at me and tell me I’m so silly, haha, unicorns are supposed to be graceful and serene. Well not this one. This one is a clumsy old nag and isn’t going to change anytime soon.

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