We dragons are very clean creatures, don’t you know. Some pups hate bath-time, but I love it! Gimme the soothing salts and healing herbs and whatever else you can think of! Soapcap mushrooms for cleaning, earth melon for aroma, red bitterberries to keep away mites… bring it all on!

I come out of it feeling so lush. With scales like silk and horns shining like copper, I feel like the most magnificent creature there is. To breathe in the clean scent of mint every time I open my wings… lovely. And while my claws are soft and supple from the warm water, I get a good clipping too. Someone will read me a story while I soak, it’s utter bliss.

And when all the water has drained away, I get eat any of the fruits or mushrooms that were added. Yum!

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