Spoiled For Choice

Easy-Squeezy Scale Tonic? No… Pinetell’s Rough Scrub? …No, not that. Billington’s Horn Heal Paste? No, don’t think so.

I’m looking for something in particular… something to soothe the itch of a slow shed. Horn-hide lizards like me always shed slowly, so our new scales have time to thicken, but gosh, is shedding itchy. I’ve got pumice and scratch brushes to rub on and water to clean in, but a little something more might be needed this time… In the wild we’d use dried prickle peach skins, but you can’t find those around here…

Kingles’ Armourhide Lather? Herrington’s Scale Sore Tincture? Lambett’s All-In-One Skin, Scale and Scar potion? Blueday’s Moult Mask? There are too many to choose!

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