When creatures like dragons or gryphons are destined to be familiars, their parents just sort of… know. The eggs are brought by the mother to schools or training grounds so they might meet their mage-partner, and while we wait for the mage in question, the egg must be cared for.

This one is going to be a dragon, no doubt. They’re tough eggs, very hard to break, but it’s got to stay warm. It’s easy in the summer but a much harder task in winter; we’ve gotta keep them indoors, by the fire, but not too close!

Destiny pulls mage and familiar together with her subtle bonds, even before the latter is hatched or born. Did I know, in my egg, that my mage and I had a life of care and happiness ahead? I don’t remember! But I remember seeing soft hands for the first time, and knowing that’s where I belong.

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