Storm Rider

Rika didn’t believe me, at first. She didn’t believe that the world above the storm could be calm and easygoing when such a violent tempest was battering the plains and towns over which it spread. It’s as though dark, brooding beasts snatched and snarled at the humble folk below, biting with shocking teeth.

With a little courage and Rika’s Weathercraft we were able to pass those jaws without issue, and our long journey to the city will be far calmer and drier than she first thought. It’s easy to feel targeted when long-planned days are disrupted like this, but the storm has no thought or regard for your day trips or holidays. There is no need to wonder why, just acknowledge that it is, and work around it.

I know, I know, easy for me to say, I can fly. But we still had to fight our way up here. Get some charms and tie them to your broom and off you go!

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