Some parts of nature did not mix well with growing urbanisation, but some thrived. Goblins have adapted so smoothly to city life that they’ve evolved several subspecies, notably the Sewer Goblin. These scuttling little blighters live mostly on waste and trash, doing the cities a great favour, one imagines, but their mischief and late-night cackling … Continue reading Adaptable

Autumn Magic

Autumn issss so much fun! I like looking for nutsss and berriessss and ssslithering in the leavesss. And the sssmells are alwaysss wonderful, essspecially after a quick downpour. Isss also kinda cute becaussse we get new ssstudents at thisss time of year. The new kidsss are just getting bold enough to come out an play, … Continue reading Autumn Magic

Serpent Secret

Nobody believes us. We said there’s a serpent here, hiding in the lake, but as none of the adults have seen it, of course we must be daydreaming. But see, it’s here now, just bold enough to peek above the still surface. It’s a type from far away, so we’re not sure how it got … Continue reading Serpent Secret


Do you see things moving out the corner of your eye? Do you hear movements, the clink of cutlery, the rustle of fabrics? Do small morsels of food disappear, or do trails of crumbs lead into safe corners? If so, you might have Shywyrms. These tiny dragons live in small groups and tend to forage … Continue reading Shywyrms

Faerie Cakes

Do I really need to tell you? If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Why in the world would there be a beautifully decorated cupcake in the woods? It’s a faerie cake, as you well know. Some of the more... unsavoury fae folk try to lure people into their traps by … Continue reading Faerie Cakes


Just like people, some dragons can be very shy. Jet here is rather bashful around new people, keeping his eyes to himself far above the heads of his company. His mage does all the talking, although very few people can understand the growling language of dragons anyway. All mages can understand their familiar’s voice, to … Continue reading Speechcraft