Field Research

Where did I put them... hmm... I buried some crystals around here a few months ago, so they didn’t bother anyone. They were enchanted with a muffling spell, gobbling up all noise in a small radius - handy for sleeping in the day, or in busy places, but a bit irritating to keep around the … Continue reading Field Research

Wash Up

We found a young river troll! Ain’t he cute? There have been some big storms recently, and the river burst it banks for miles across these flatlands. We found this little guy a good mile or so from the river, wandering in the rain on his own. When the rains stop and the water drops … Continue reading Wash Up


They called him Bigpig but I didn’t think they meant it so... literally. When we first saw him we were pretty scared, I’ll admit. But he’s a big softy really, behind all those bristles and tusks. Apparently he was a real boar, a regular ol’ animal who chose to fight away the encroaching elves - … Continue reading Bigpig

Sweeping Dawn

Today’s the day, today’s the day! I could barely sleep, I could barely sit still! Today’s the day my Suki learns to fly a broom! And look, a perfect bright day for classes! I’ve been so patient for so long, but finally we can soar and laugh together in the wide skies. If I were … Continue reading Sweeping Dawn

Worlds Away

I’m not sure what my favourite book is, yet. It changes with each passing day, each new chapter started, each adventure completed. If a book takes me away for hours at a time, or if it makes me wonder and think, or if it makes me sad for someone I’ve never met and never will … Continue reading Worlds Away

Pell Cliffs

The cliff face of the Pell Uplands watches over the valley beyond, its rocky mask set in a look of comfort. This spirit is a kindly old thing, taking care of the growing town that has emerged at its foothills, protecting them from rockfalls. Another unusual power of the cliff face spirit is to control … Continue reading Pell Cliffs